Oliver Jordan‘s work has been described as Flawed Music for Flawed People by Lofi-Records, and you can certainly feel it in his latest single “Secret 13“. The song is somber yet serene. The acoustic guitar and bright horns make it feel like a cloudy walk in the park, yet a dark heavy mood lingers through it’s lyrics and through Jordan’s pained delivery. Rightfully so, as he is lamenting the loss of a friend to drugs. “They’ve made the world a scary place. It’ll all just go to waste.” Flawed as the music may be, or the people that inspired it, it is beautiful nonetheless.

Themes of depression and self-harm are prevalent in Jordan’s music, but it’s hard not to empathize with it. The song’s subdued rhythms and his unique voice makes it feel like we’re listening to our neighbor or old friend as he talks about his regrets on the loss. The lyrics at the end being the message you take with you to your bed, thinking as you write in your journal: “To everyone who wants to quit / The world is better with you on it”. He assures, before uttering his last goodbye: “I swear, I miss you”. Flawed as though we all may be, remember that there are still those who still care.

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