Oh Ryan offers a different way of spreading their advocacy in their latest single Take it Easy, which talks about the issue of climate change. The band sings in a sunny disposition, filled with bright instruments and catchy lyrics as they talk about everyone’s nonchalance and lack of urgency in tackling the climate crisis. They question how everyone is taking their time to watch the sun rise and put on their sunscreen, going about their day as usual when in reality the world is starting to burn down.

Making consciously written songs isn’t new for Oh Ryan, the Dublin-based indie rockers may have a penchant for crafting infectiously charming music, but they’re not afraid of filling it with lyrics that are blunt and honest. Their first single “I Quit My Job” is about undergoing a big life change while being broke and trying to impress a girl that they like. Despite their songs feeling very close to home, Oh Ryan manages to display a light-heartedness that’s quite infectious. It makes us more excited for what they have in store 

Take it Easy may only be the third single for the band but they have a bright future ahead–brighter than their sound and just as real as the honesty they portray. Give Oh Ryan a listen on your favorite digital streaming platform.

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