Northern Captives’ latest single Living In-Between is about those who don’t quite fit in society and the misery of having to navigate through such a life. The band sheds a light on neurodiversity and how our societal structures lack awareness and support for these people. There’s an urgency to the song, paced by restless drums and overcast with razor-sharp riffs. Northern captives’ expression shines through with their blend of alt-rock and emo, but something else sets this song apart from its contemporaries. It’s the band’s embodiment of the subject matter and the deep sympathy for its subject that makes the composition feel completely immersive and vivid to the listener.

Living In-Between is written from the perspective of someone trying to change but then they soon realize that this system was never made for them. They go through a moment of feeling lost, characterized by the swelling vocal reverb at the pre-chorus, until they decide that it’s time to escape. Our narrator is then forced to become a shapeshifter, only to realize that they’re trying too hard, resulting in them getting bent out of shape. The song ends in a climactic burst, but the resolution isn’t complete as there is still a lot of work to do. Nevertheless, Northern Captives’ latest single is an eye-opening piece that captures the desperate voice of an underserved community.

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