No See Ums sheds a light on perverse nationalism through their latest single Flags. The Brighton-based punk band shares their concern over the spread of extreme patriotism in their country, showing how truly unsettling things have become. With the rise of polarization amongst folks in social media, we’ve seen society gradually dividing into two extremes. This is especially apparent in Western nations like the UK, which is still on a massive adjustment period following a large political reform. No See Ums depicts this wave of fanatic loyalty to the flag as an obsessed lover who wants to do nothing else but fulfill their degenerate desires. They argue that this extreme patriotism isn’t based on reality, but a fantasy conjured either by malice or ignorance.

No See Ums shares their message with a no-nonsense garage rock sound filled with walls of distortion and rumbling rhythms. The song’s unhinged vocal delivery depicts a fanaticism that’s not that far from the ones that stalkers enact towards their prey. This disturbing imagery could serve as a wake-up call for those slowly being ingrained in this ideology or a warning sign for those about to get suckered in. 

‘Flags’ captures the chaos of an ongoing crisis while maintaining an accessible avenue for the message to cut through. No See Ums are hitting their stride and you better take notice.

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