Nix Dadry releases a somber slow rock ballad with his latest single Kiss the Dirt. The song recounts a challenging period in a relationship, which can easily be felt through the slow tempo and its restrained instrumentation. Nix’s vocals bring a weight despite his calm delivery, and the harmonies during the chorus along with the simple embellishments brought by the strings and keys makes this song a compelling listening experience.

Recording this track with Ed Harcourt at his Wolf Cabin Studios seriously paid off because he provided the song with great production value, elevating the mood and emotions conveyed by Nix’s heartfelt songwriting. The process of getting this out the door proved to be challenging, as this was Dadry’s second attempt at a recording. Thankfully everything came together pretty well this time and we’re able to listen to this now in its complete glory.

Also of note is Dadry’s poetic lyricism. He paints a picture with words in such vivid detail that even the amazing musical production can’t overshadow his voice and storytelling. He definitely didn’t kick the dirt in this fight.

Nix Dadry states that one of his goals in this pursuit is to reclaim music for those who have something to say. He definitely leads by example in this wonderful song.

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