“Killing Ghost” by Nihiloceros is a compelling piece that balances deep existential questions with musical innovation. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to evolve and push their creative limits, making “Dark Ice Balloons” a must-listen for those seeking both profound and musically rich experiences.

The song starts off as a hard metal blast, pumping electrifying chills down to your brain. It brings you face to face with the ghost that was long locked away from the world but now is coming back to life. The song builds with the electric guitar, then intensifies with the vocals channeling our feelings into words. The song is a combination of vocal highs and lows, creating a powerful emotion that grows within you. The ghost in this song represents a demon within us that has long been trying to make its point but is always suppressed or forced to choose between being happy or being alone.

Brooklyn-based band Nihiloceros has recently unveiled their latest LP, “Dark Ice Balloons,” released on May 3rd via Totally Real Records. In contrast to their previous EP, “Self Destroy” (2021), which delved into the bleakness and absurdity of the human condition amid the global pandemic, “Dark Ice Balloons” offers a slightly lighter, albeit still profound, exploration of death and the realms that lie beyond. Musically, Nihiloceros pushes boundaries further than before. The band’s commitment to maintaining a heavy sound while preserving pop sensibility is evident in “Killing Ghost.” The arrangements and melodies are more experimental, embracing a more eclectic style that notably excludes guitar solos. This creative choice adds a unique texture to the song, distinguishing it from traditional rock norms.

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