Drink to Me, the latest single from London-based bedroom rocker Night Hymns is a certified late-night romper. The song is based around a vampire getting drunk on blood and having a good time. The macabre is juxtaposed into a playful tune, with a hint of danger that one tends to encounter when having their fill of late-night debauchery. With bright flashing guitar riffs and a jaunty rhythm, this is the perfect companion for a great night out, regardless if you’re looking for mindless revelry or just having a fun time. The horror elements don’t come in too strong, but are there if you want to reach out and play the role as you grab another drink. Musically, it’s a tightly-controlled arrangement of great riffs, groovy bass-lines and tasty drum fills that can set anyone loose for a night of painting the town red.  

Night Hymn’s discography borrows heavily from the Brit-pop canon, echoing the greats like Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys. The song covers a lot of ground, with its imaginative lyricism and compelling musical arrangement giving it a lot of replay-value. It’s a song that would fit a night of casual dancing yet still holds up when examined through a songwriting microscope. 

Night Hymns is one of those artists that deserve your attention. They’ll take you out for a drink, and give you a great time (if you ignore the bite marks). Drink to Me is out now on digital streaming platforms.

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