Nick Noon serves up a unique rock brew with his latest single “Who Needs Who”. If you have a time machine and you could play this song through any decade in rock n’ roll’s heyday it would still feel like it belongs no matter what era you end up in. Who Needs Who is electrifying and vibrant, breaking the barrier between classic and modern rock and blurring the lines of genre in a way that only a master practitioner of the craft can achieve.

Indeed, Nick Noon isn’t a stranger to music. Based in Nashville-Tennessee and a well-known jack-of-all-trades, his song catalog is broad and wide. Take a deep dive through his releases and you’ll discover a varied selection, from Beatles-esque melodic masterpieces to artsy and thought-provoking theatrical rock. Other media outlets have praised Noon’s material and compared him to the likes of Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan.

Lyrically, Who Needs Who is defiant with a charm that’s intriguing and seductive. Noon asserts that it’s the other party that needs him, all while flexing his rock chops and raising the volume to drown out the opposition. This is another stellar track that widens Nick Noon’s discography, and we can’t wait to hear more.

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