Take a sonic dip into the pristine waters of Aquatherapeutic–the latest single from post-punk outfit Native Speaker. The band consists of members across Europe, who rose together from the ashes of the three piece band Waterwork in late 2022. After some time honing their sound, they emerged as a four-piece with an atmospheric, psychedelic, post-punk blend filled with mind-bending basslines, intricate guitar riffs and jazzy drumming. 

Aquatherapeutic is among the first of their releases, encompassing a deep-sea vibe illustrated by cool, dark tones and muted colors. Each individual sonic element comes in simple patterns but together they combine into an intricate whole. This cleverly crafted atmosphere is headlined by the bass and drums, forming a foundational bedrock but can easily shift when the song demands it. The guitar riffs and vocal melody paints around the rhythm delicately, adding variation and color to the whole picture. I love how easily one can latch on to the song’s groove while the melodic parts constantly rile up a storm of counter-melodies and rhythms, thereby causing a whole whirlpool of emotion to bubble up and churn until the song eventually returns home to still waters. Native Speaker starts out strong with a focus and intentionality around their sound. We’re excited to see where they can take us next.

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