Florida-born indie genre-blending artist Myah tells the story of love and observation with her newest single, “Notice You”. It mixes her passion for alternative music with pop beats to create a sound that we’re familiar with, but still distinct in a way. It’s a song about making the first move to create a blooming relationship, and its vibrancy and playfulness supplements the lyrics well.

With rhythmic beats and bass lines, the song’s flowing guitar riffs in the background give it an edge that entices the listener. Myah’s smooth, wonderful vocals are complemented by subtle but effective harmonies and adlibs that really add to the track’s foundation, with the vocal layering simply being a joy to listen to, and the playful tone of Myah’s voice in the song’s bridge is just perfect. The lyrics are clear and relatable, showcasing the artist’s songwriting mastery. It’s youthful, telling the all-too-familiar feelings of the person you like being coy with their feelings towards you, despite teetering on the edge of a potential relationship that you know you both want to be in. We’ve all been there, and this song plays with the notion of “to be loved is to be seen” quite well.

This will definitely be your pop anthem for the summer, so give it a listen, because even if it seems like your crush isn’t seeing you that much, at least we’re sure that Myah is here to “Notice You”. Listen to it now on all streaming platforms.

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