Pop singer-songwriter myah is on the rise, and her latest single Everything might just be the best introduction into her world. How would you feel if you lost something that you thought was your everything? What if what you thought was something real was actually just temporary? This mix of heartache, longing and nostalgia is at the core of ‘everything’. With calming acoustic riffs and a warm bed of keys, myah navigates through her emotions and unwinds everything that happened in a past relationship. This is the type of in-depth exploration you can expect from myah, as she focuses on storytelling and lived-in experiences to express and paint her musical world.

‘Everything’ is on the quieter side of myah’s songs, which perfectly fits its story and emotion. But that’s not all she offers, myah features a wide array of influences–mixing pop punk and alt-rock to build her musical palette. Expect a rich and expressive style of pop with a genuine soul behind the music–one that you can easily relate to (especially for the young and in love). This potent combination is what we believe will lead her to succeed in a sea of great pop singers. Catch ‘everything’ and its accompanying single ‘hide’ on all streaming platforms.

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