Genre-fusing trio My Satellite displays another masterful addition from their upcoming album “Person” with this latest single, titled “Denial”. It’s a groovy, psychedelic tune that is a sonic experience you’d simply have to listen to. The band’s three members really made sure to bring their A-game with this latest release. It’s cohesive, catchy, and all its elements just work together so well that we can guarantee that it’s going into one of your playlists after listening to it.

Dan Grimes’ beats provide a strong support to Bryan Stage and Andy Marshall’s keys and guitar, and Marshall’s bass line in this song is nothing to scoff at. It’s an absolute bop; infectious, even. And we simply can’t ignore Stage’s smooth, harmonious vocals that any avid music listener should be thankful to have heard in their lifetime.  

The addictive groove of the track hooks you into its relatable theme about the far-too-familiar situation after the first big fight of a couple. You know, the moment when you’ve kind of made up but are still clinging on to some unresolved issues. It’s about the time in a relationship when a breakup seems all too plausible, but you try to move on from the problems because you’re blinded by the infatuation you have with your partner. The lyrics of the song describe this moment masterfully through its anecdotes and imagery that truly give you a retrospective into your past relationships. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point.

If you’re having trouble coping with the inevitable demise of your relationship, then maybe you need to stop being in “Denial”. Stream My Satellite’s newest single, now on Spotify.

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