A thunder of emotions waves goodbye to all negative thoughts as So Long (Portal Hopper) by Mothman and the Thunderbirds brings this sentiment to life with a powerful tune and psychedelic melody. This song offers a potent escape into a new realism, a feeling of liberation that is palpable from the first note.

From the very beginning, the raw emotion embedded in this rock anthem carries you away, providing an intense experience. It’s a package of thoughts and feelings, all tied together with a compelling rhythm. The song acts like a time-traveling dealer, taking you back and forth between the eras of old and new rock. The music beautifully encapsulates not just the essence of present-day rock but also the sounds of previous generations.

So Long (Portal Hopper) is a standout track that perfectly captures the central theme of the album: escapism. Moreover, the album Portal Hopper’  is an adventurous blend of prog, hard rock, and dreamy psychedelia. From the anthemic “Ruby Skies” and “Polygonal Polliwog” to the shoegaze-inspired “Liminal Space Time Continuum,” the astral funk of “Fractals,” the whimsy of “Squonk Kingdom,” and the folksy bounce of “Somewhere In Time,” the album offers a thrilling and cohesive listening experience. Finally, the bizarre yet irresistible “So Long (Portal Hopper)” stands out as a testament to the band’s ability to push boundaries and create something truly unique.

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