Shoegaze rocker Moon Cowboy releases his latest single “baby-jane”. The Lisbon native is influenced by the greats such as Slow Dive and My Bloody Valentine, capturing the intricacies of the genre while elevating its sound with his own unique flair. This song is rich in and wide in ambience. It’s a flight of stellar proportions, evoking imagery of bright sun rays casting off the sides of a majestic space vessel. 

While lots of shoegaze songs focus on technical wizardry using glitchy and distorted effects, baby jane evokes natural tones–especially once all the instruments blend in together. It’s like the almighty force of the universe speaking to its subjects. The sound is hopeful and anthemic–like an epic quest that arrives at its destination in spring, just as the flowers have bloomed. 

Moon Cowboy’s songs have an epic scale to them. It reminds one of a grand sojourn across an expansive landscape like the classic western. Baby jane, as I interpret it, is a blessing passed on to the next generation. It is a hopeful passing of the torch and a yearning for a brighter future. It can also be Moon Cowboy’s journey as he brings the ideas of shoegaze’s past to the next frontier. Catch this exciting and innovative artist on streaming outlets.

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