What Holds Your Eye is the latest single from Oklahoma-based artist Monsonic. Monsonic has an interesting and distinctive blend of noise pop / industrial / shoegaze rock with an imagination that defies boundaries. This latest single is an in-depth exploration of the psyche with a hint of dystopian sci-fi. Our narrator questions the status quo and wonders why everyone wants to conform to arbitrary rules such as beauty standards and social media trends.

Musically the song is groovy with a futuristic sound that is particular to Monsonic. The galloping tempo is both urgent and restless. Hazy synths dance around the mix like fluorescent walls. The lyrics are blended in the style of shoegaze while the guitars remain clean and straight.  On paper this description may sound like something from the 80’s but Monsonic has his own clever additions and unique style that make his music completely his own.  

From the song itself and the distinctive sound it’s clear that Monsonic has his own uncompromising artistic vision. This makes What Holds Your Eye ever more poignant as he questions from outside looking in why people are so glued into their devices. It’s a question I ask frequently myself and I’m glad this song exists as a reminder to everyone.

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