Minus32heartbeat is the creative outlet of NYC-based songwriter, producer, and musician Matt Friedlander. As a solo project, Matt performs and records all instruments himself, showcasing his versatile talent.

The song begins with amazing hip-hop beats, inviting listeners into its fresh and vibrant theme. The unique blend of rhythm evokes the sensation of wandering alone through a bustling metropolis. The bright city symbolizes the emptiness one feels amidst a crowd, a poignant reflection on the inner void we often encounter. Philosophical and melodious, the song delves into profound themes while maintaining engaging musicality. At its core, it speaks to the universal quest for that special someone who makes life’s struggles worthwhile. This search for meaningful connection is underscored by the song’s narrative, which paints a vivid picture of existential longing and the pursuit of happiness.

Influenced by a diverse array of artists including Oasis, The Velvet Underground, and Hans Zimmer, as well as arcade games and bands like M83 and Future Islands, Matt crafts a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The ethos behind the album is rooted in the emotional turbulence experienced during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Themes of isolation, disappointment, and betrayal are woven into the lyrics, set against an ironically upbeat musical structure. As Matt describes, these tracks are infused with a flurry of emotions, resonating with listeners on a deeply personal level.

The song’s true strength lies in its uplifting beats towards the end, transforming the overall feel from monochrome despair to hopeful ascent. This progression encapsulates the listener in a cinematic experience, leaving them with a smile as the song concludes.

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