Matthew Leuw, known by his artist persona Mild Horses, has released a new track titled “Eye Of The Behemoth”, a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming third album that currently does not have a set release date. As Mild Horses’ first new song of the year, it’ll surely get you excited with what’s next from him. So, stay on your toes, because this fusion of psychedelic and electronica genres is taking you to a whole other world.

            The track is enigmatic, trading in the vocals that you’d conventionally hear with most songs for atmospheric delight, which works out splendidly. The brass sounds coupled with the poppy percussion and dreamy synth in the background welcome you into Mild Horses’ domain. It jumps into the thick of it immediately with no need for introduction, but gradually soothes you when it slows down, letting you take and breathe it all in first, before slowly gripping your hand tight, building up and finally releasing into its full force and concluding with simple, beautiful harmonies. And at the end of it, you’re just left wanting more of the psychedelic journey that you just went on for the past three minutes. Don’t worry, that’s completely valid.

            If you love atmospheric, life-changing soundscapes, then “Mild Horses” isn’t afraid to let you look into the “Eye Of The Behemoth”. Stream it on Spotify now.

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