There are serious doubts that Mike Bass was sitting on earth while singing this song because his voice seems to come from the sky. His song “I’ve Tried” is composed of a melodic expression that you will listen to on earth but might take you to the heavens.

The song “I’ve Tried” starts off with a charming sound that makes us envision a vast lake full of all God’s beauty. Just as the song begins filling our ears with honey, it also brings in the harmonious vocals of Mike. The way the song progresses makes it evident that the singer himself is deeply in love with singing. Yet, in that euphonious tune, you find the lyrics telling you a story—a story that is partly of loss and partly of finding redemption. We find ourselves in a state of balance where we are deeply in love with the song, but we are also deeply moved by the tale of the singer telling us, “I’ve Tried.”

Musically, “I’ve Tried” contrasts its heavy themes with a melody that Bass himself enjoys playing. The collaboration with high school friend and producer Peter Mowry brought a refined touch to the track, enhanced further by Mystery Room Mastering’s expertise. This song is able to convey deep emotional struggles through heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies, making it a standout piece in his musical repertoire.

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