Singer-songwriter Michael Lyon sends out a call to stand up for democracy in his latest single “The Guy Who Won”. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Jim Taylor, Bob Dylan and the golden age of songwriting, Michael possesses the ability to distill his ideas through memorable indie-folk with an undeniable ability to touch the masses. The Guy Who Won serves as a protest song against the former president, who claims that he was robbed even when all evidence leads to the contrary.

“While it’s incredible to me that many people have bought into this “crazy talk,” this song is based on the idea that the truth matters and the person worthy of support this election year is none other than “The Guy Who Won.” A patriot at heart, Lyon never shies away from political themes in his songwriting, similarly sending a plea for peace in his previous single “Tug of War”.

The Guy Who Won is part satire, but at its core it’s a level-headed call for others to stand up and fight against the propagation of a lie that’s threatening to destabilize democracy. Standing on the sidelines becomes less of an option, especially when the opposition can radicalize many. Michael Lyon presents a thought-provoking antidote against deception, carrying the spirit and tradition of the songwriters who came before.

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