No Loss”, the latest single from inter-continental collective is an interesting marriage of disco and post-punk that I seriously can’t get enough of. The irresistible baseline drives the whole song, and it’s so good I’d like to take it home after dinner and introduce it to my parents. This awesome groove and its partnered funky riffs are intertwined with punchy vocals and the musings of Werner Herzog looming over the mix like a bureaucrat over the intercom. The central hook “It’s murder / with no loss of love” has been stuck in my head for a while now that it’s already happily settled in.

Such is the imagery that Mercvrial conjures up through their wild creations. What seems like a nonsensical spectacle at first soon becomes layered with more depth through tastefully placed segues. Oftentimes it’s simple–a well-placed crash of a cymbal, or the sound of airy gasps on the mic, to random quotes from a famed German director with a distinctive voice. Many musicians may try too hard to put complexity front and center to showcase their chops, but No Loss has so much confidence that it’s kept hidden in plain sight. It makes for very enjoyable repeat listens. 

Discovering this band was a treat for us, and we hope it’s the same for you too!

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