Streetlights is the latest single from Mercurius. The father and son duo of John (vocals) and Paul Brown (guitar) have been writing for quite some time. They recruited Jasmine “Jazzy” Crichton as a prominent presence on the vocals for this track, adding a new dimension to their storytelling. Streetlights is about the desire to go back home after being away for far too long. Their choice turning this into duet is a brilliant one, as it elevates the emotional impact and gives it the feeling of being written in two perspectives.

“Leave me a shred of hope, cut me loose, let me swim, don’t keep me drowning inside. And I’ll be waiting for you to save me”. Jazzy and John did a great job in delivering these heartfelt lyrics. They possess a genuine sincerity that makes us feel like we’re watching both characters as they try their best to reconnect after a long time being away. Paul Brown’s guitar solos and fills reflect the emotions of our singers perfectly, giving a sense of urgency with screeching arpeggiated lines layered across the soundscape. The lengthy duration of the song and the echoing reverb at the end also adds to a sense of distance between our two lovers. 

Mercurius made songwriting look effortless in this latest offering. With every single choice they were able to elevate Streetlights into one masterful package. Definitely check them out.

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