Max Norton’s “Nothing In This World” is a love song like no other – a lush, harmonious masterpiece that showcases the multi-instrumentalist’s impressive range and vulnerability. After a decade behind the drumkit for the likes of Benjamin Booker and Olivia Jean, Norton steps out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight, and it’s a move that’s long overdue.

With its soaring melodies and intimate lyrics, “Nothing In This World” is a love letter to his beloved in the whole world. It’s a song that’s both deeply personal and universally relatable, and it’s proof of Norton’s skill as a songwriter that he can convey such depth of emotion with such ease.

What really sets “Nothing In This World” apart is Norton’s own personal journey – from Tampa to Nashville to London, he’s followed his heart and his dreams, and it’s a journey that’s inspired every note of this song. And yet, despite all the glitz and glamour of his past, Norton’s decision to strike out on his own was a brave one – to write, perform, and produce everything himself, to be the master of his own destiny. It’s a risk that’s paid off in spades, with “Nothing In This World” being the last song in his EP: “Each One Is A Movie”. “Nothing In This World” is a love song that will make you feel good, and that’s a promise.”

Max Norton is more than just a musician – he’s a true artist, a master of his craft, and a man who’s following his heart and his dreams. With “Nothing In This World”, he’s giving us a glimpse into his own personal movie, and it’s a movie that we can’t wait to see more of.

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