Matya is an avant garde rock artist that deserves more listeners, she says as much in her latest single Get Your Attention which is set to release on February 23rd, 2024. This single starts off slow and unassuming, with shimmering synths and keys, but a minute in and it pounces at you with a distinctive alt-punk sound that’s hard to resist. Matya sings about the difficulties in connecting with anyone on a personal level these days, and all this despite us being glued to our globally-networked devices all the time. Her sound is uniquely her own blend of pop and rock, which they aptly describe as a lovechild between Bloc Party and Nina Hagen.

Matya is currently in the finishing stages of production on her forthcoming EP set to release in 2024. Matya’s project is meant to create generational anthems that speak to those who go against the grain of the traditional American dream. Matya shares her time between LA and Paris where the EP was produced at Catmilk Studios, working with the most trusted names in the industry. Matya may only have two singles out right now–the other being the equally unique and brilliant “Nobody’s Home” but she has already proven to be a voice to look out for with her distinctive vision and sound. Get Your Attention will be out on streaming platforms on the 23rd.

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