Austin-based indie band Maru Haru display their mastery over blending orchestral, electronic, and folk styles with their newest single, “To the Strongest”. Dreamy piano chords start the song off, placing us in a dreamlike state that leaves us wanting more. It slowly builds up through little pops of synth that enhance the sound further, then intensifies with harmonizing vocals and a full-blown orchestral arrangement with strings and winds that ensnares you with sheer awe.

The song knows how to get you all up in your feels with its message and is not afraid to do this. It’s a message to the ones who are proud of who they are, while being mournful for those who couldn’t receive the love that they deserve much earlier. The vocals are soft and smooth, yet so emotionally powerful that it won’t come as a surprise if you’re utterly in tears after listening to the song. Self- love is a difficult thing to achieve, and is probably the hardest thing to give yourself. It’s full of challenges and a ton of doubt, but this song shows you how beautiful you are, and how being a victim of the world’s cruel ways will never change that.

If you’re looking for the next song to listen to during your 3 AM bouts of emotion and need something that hits hard but will assure you of how valid your experiences are, then surrender to the warm embrace of Maru Haru’s “To the Strongest”, out on all streaming platforms now.

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