Join Marky Wildtype and his search for tranquility in his latest single Place of Peace. This is the singer-songwriter’s third single from the upcoming album ‘If Destroyed Still True’. In this song Marky Wildtype talks about the many inner battles we all face on a day-to-day basis. Marky Wildtype offers a shelter against the cold, offering his hand through this meditative, piano-led ode. Be it from depression, anxiety, or intrusive thoughts, we all need that place of peace to find ourselves and remember what we’re doing this all for. 

Marky leads the way through a somber melody that eases the senses and quiet’s the heart. His layers of harmony and haunting reverb illustrate the hollow feeling that comes with loneliness. All while the piano provides a bed of warmth against the storm. 

This song follows a new thread in Marky Wildtype’s musical evolution. His work during the 2020’s was mostly focused on rock. Now he’s exploring a new territory, with a focus on strong harmonies and hooks while also diving into deeply emotional themes.

Place of Peace is a piece of self-reflection as well as a sanctuary for the listener. Through emphatic storytelling, Marky Wildtype opens his heart and lets us all share in the warmth. This is indeed, a Place of Peace. 

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