Ghost by Mark Ferg is an artful exploration of the plague that is prevalent in the dating space these days. It’s a tragedy that ghosting has been on the rise along with the rise of dating apps. The ease of connectivity makes people feel like they have all the options in the world, so some are empowered to ignore and ‘ghost’ those they deem not enough. 

Being ghosted is difficult for everyone, but Mark has flipped the switch by singing as the perpetrator in this single, presenting an insidious voice that’s alluring even though it’s a cautionary tale. The presence of warm, nostalgic loops gives off a feeling of safety, a sanctuary with which the ‘ghoster’ is enabled to find their prey and betray the rest. This conflicting feeling and irony is what’s genius about this arrangement, and proof that Mark Ferg is bold enough to go outside conventions to express his artistic ideas.

Growing up in a musical family has exposed Ferg to many different sounds. His influences are wide and numerous, spanning from The Beatles, to D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, and Nirvana. Not only that, he describes himself as ‘too hood for the art class and a little too artsy for the hood’. What may have been a hindrance in school is now what makes him shine bright. Check out Ghost on all streaming platforms. 

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