Rising pop star Maisy Kay released their latest single Sunlight on Valentines Day 2024, perfectly aligning with the song’s themes. In this raw ballad she sings fondly about her subject of affection: “It makes sense he’s born with a pretty face, he was born on the day of love”. Indeed, Sunlight is as pure and as unadulterated as a love song can be, perfectly mirrored by its cinematic atmosphere and brilliant production. 

“‘Sunlight’ is a song I wrote about someone I met who felt like sunshine personified. I wanted to write about the gentle, small things that make love so wonderful”, Kay explains. The song depicts how simple things become elevating experiences once you’re in love, like holding hands while going out for a walk or having coffee. This innocence and genuine affection shines through in the heavenly motifs sprinkled across the song. Imagery of standing on the clouds and the flapping of wings on the single’s promotional material, as well as the presence of violins and choir-like harmonies gives the song an air of otherworldliness. This all-encompassing artistic vision is what sets Maisy Kay apart in the world of pop.

Maisy Kay has been on the rise lately, collaborating with producer Tiësto and Youtube star TheFatRat among others to make certified hits. Sunlight is out now on streaming platforms and is a great gateway to discovering this shining star.

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