Toronto-based alt-rockers Madame Psychosis are ready to smash the system with their latest single Revolution. This highly engaging and energetic anthem is a call for everyone to rise up and remember that we’re so much more than our collective suffering. Every instrument in this song is laden with angst and frustration, like the masses reaching a boiling point and going up in arms.

Madame Psychosis has always been committed to social justice. And along with thoughtful lyricism and the right energy to back it up, they have crafted the perfect anthem that represents our uncertain times. Revolution’s chorus, although it may look simple, is an effective rallying cry inviting everyone to join into the cause: “I need a revolution, we need a revolution, they need a revolution, she needs a revolution.” 

Oftentimes, especially online, people are quick to point out everyone’s differences and various communities are starting to get more and more polarized. Madame Psychosis calls for an opposite approach. Instead, calling everyone to the revolution regardless of skin-color and status in life. They remind us that change is possible if we unite and stand together. 

Revolution is a triumph, a roaring call-to-action. An anthem that can rejuvenate the spirits of the hopeless. Madame Psychosis effortlessly brings together their advocacy with great art, inviting everyone to join in the cause.

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