“Empty Bottles” by Mad Painter is a standout track that captures the raw energy and eclectic spirit of the band. Written in early 2022, the song made its live debut at the Winter Tanglefest, where it sparked an ecstatic reaction from the crowd, marking a heartening milestone for the band. 

“Empty Bottles” showcases Mad Painter’s diverse musical influences and the unique personalities of its members. The track is imbued with the supernatural allure of Alex Gitlin’s Hammond organ, an instrument he has long been fascinated by, for its ability to add a mystical touch to any genre. Julie Gee’s enduring admiration for Elton John and his genre-blending prowess can be felt in the song’s dynamic arrangement and lyrical sophistication. Meanwhile, Al Hendry’s drumming provides a rhythmic backbone that propels the song into a realm of euphoric energy, embodying his philosophy of drumming as a gateway to another world of elation.

Kenne Highland shares a more poignant perspective, noting, “My father died in Vietnam, was buried on Lou Reed’s birthday and later that month came the first Velvet Underground album. Without music, I’d be dead in a diabetic coma,” highlighting music’s profound impact on his life.

“Empty Bottles” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the resilience and creative spirit of Mad Painter, a band that continues to leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

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