The soundscape that Luna Waves has crafted in their latest single Half Awake is nothing short of magnificent. The Bedford, UK based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is set to release this dream pop masterpiece on the 1st of March, 2024. Half Awake invites the listener to float across the cosmos and glide across billions of stars in a wondrous dream. Luna Waves traverses the realms of dream-pop, shoegaze and psychedelia in a wild journey of epic proportions. 

Musically, this brew is not that easy to decipher. The song was conceived after a night of staying awake at 3 am while being bombarded by memories long gone. The result is a boiling pot of exquisite effects and transient riffs, transmuting into glimmer once examined. Rainbows and Ambrosia sprout from every glimpse of faded memory. Luna Waves managed to turn this rewinding of the consciousness into its sonic form, and the imagination and creativity poured into it has resulted in a fluffy aural massage. Lyrically, the song is restless and anxious, yet the music brilliantly contrasts that by being its equivalent antidote. 

Luna Waves’ latest offering is wildly enjoyable and the production poured into it by Chris

Corney at his studio in Shropshire, UK is top notch. Catch Half Awake through your favorite streaming platforms once it’s out!

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