Quantum Sleep is the latest single from dream-pop outfit Luma Fade. The overall concept of the band is to make post-apocalyptic dream pop for an imagined future. This strength in artistic direction gives their music a cohesive identity, conjuring vivid images everytime you tune in to any of their songs. Quantum Sleep is equal parts sci-fi and spiritual, with its narrator lost in a cloud of dreams that encompass the whole of time and space. They are essentially adrift as ethereal matter in between worlds across the cosmic timeline. Despite being lost, they still have hope that they can find their lover in an endless stream of broken dreams.

Luma Fade is a master of the world they crafted and the atmosphere they achieve with their soundscapes feel very real. The urgent riffs and impactful drums drive home the lost-in-space feeling of their story, while the ethereal vocal harmonies and peppered melodies here and there give the effect that the listener is moving through 3D space. The band has managed to plug in the listener through this Quantum Sleep, not by using sci-fi gizmos but with regular gear that’s available to every musician and a strong imagination. Luma Fade has staked their claim on a certain dream-pop territory, and they are here to stay.

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