Independent songwriter and producer Lukas Köksal releases their latest track eye to eye. Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, it has been Köksal’s goal to express himself honestly, with his sound and production heavily reflecting his experiences and ongoing journey. Eye to eye is an absolute ear-candy, which should not be a surprise for Köksal’s avid listeners as he consistently delivered that during his 2022 releases. His breezy dream-pop aesthetic is on par with the best in the industry, impressive considering how he covers both the songwriting and production. 

This song is his first foray into using a mix of hybrid and analog gear, and it definitely opens up his sound to a new dimension. The vocals are clean and crisp, the drums restless and bright, with aqueous riffs on the sidelines flowing like streams. I particularly love the ending guitar riffs that signal the other instruments to fade away, as the song ends in such a satisfying fashion. 

Lyrically, eye to eye is about connection and the struggle to keep up with others. Our narrator is left in a state of limbo wondering what they can do. Köksal has a knack for writing poetically as well, adding mystique that blends well with his stellar production.

Eye to eye is one of the 5 tracks that will comprise Lukas Köksal’s forthcoming EP so stay tuned. With how good the first sampler is, the rest can’t come any sooner.

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