Luciano Nardozza takes listeners to the stars with their latest single Sotto gli occhi di un sole nero. It’s conceptually deep but Nardozza doesn’t skip a single beat in this fusion of trap, rock, and virtuosic prog rock. The title translates to “Under the eyes of a black sun”. In it, Luciano juxtaposes a black hole with the feeling in your chest when someone you love disappears from your life. Suddenly there’s a void that appears and the relationship between all the celestial bodies surrounding you falls into chaos.

Nardozza is truly an intriguing artist. His latest album L’Orizzonte degli Eventi is an experimentation on rock, rap, progressive and electronic. It’s a mix that many won’t touch but he manages to pull it off. A background in classical music as well as virtuosic skill has served him well in exploring the boundaries of his artistry, and that’s something that goes beyond the language barrier. 

Along with this musical genius also comes the depth in conceptual thought. In Sotto gli occhi di un sole nero, Nardozza consults the real-world physics and the movement of stars after a supernova in order to inform the song and its constellation of instruments. Luciano Nardozza is truly a triumph in masterful and innovative craft. A trailblazer you should definitely follow.

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