Atmospheric indie rock duo Lonely Richard, comprised of Alex Carr and Will Kahn have released a new single, titled “Tide Pools”. Written on an acoustic guitar during a gloomy June day, the track is a nostalgic tale of a five-year relationship. It’s inspired by bedroom pop, with the foundation actually beginning from a stripped-down phone recording. The track features an almost mellow but cohesive instrumental that’s both dreamy and nostalgic.

The guitar riffs are soft and prominent throughout the song, and it will definitely get stuck in your head after you’ve listened to the song for the first time. The drums are simple yet add a layer of fullness to the song that ties every element together. The sounds of the shaker in the background are a much-appreciated addition and is the rhythmic element that draws you into it. And we can’t forget to talk about the little popping chimes every now and again, which is where the song really gets dreamlike in a sense. Vocals are clear and crisp, while having a bit of moroseness blended into it, with the lyrics being simply heartbreaking and really does make you contemplate a past relationship.

Lonely Richard’s “Tide Pools” is perfect for your late-night bedroom listening sessions, and we think it’s safe to say that the feelings this track evokes is pretty relatable. You can stream it now on all streaming platforms, but you might need to get the tissues ready.

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