“Until the End of Time” is a testament to Lives Like Skyscrapers’ talent and potential. The song’s haunting beauty and introspective lyrics make it a memorable addition to their debut album.

The song “Until the End of Time” by Lives Like Skyscrapers builds up a mysterious environment, continually progressing towards an unknown destination until the vocals hit, revealing the message “until the end of time.” This track acts as a natural lullaby to dark thoughts, striving to create a new and positive atmosphere. Beneath the surface, it hides an unknown pain that the singer seems to conceal from the world. The vocals evoke the dreadful feeling of being lost, capturing a sense of yearning to return to a former state. The singer’s delivery brings back the essence of Radiohead’s “How to Disappear Completely.”

Lives Like Skyscrapers, the Ottawa-based band, has made a remarkable entrance into the indie music scene with their new single “Until the End of Time.” It is a beautifully crafted song that features soft vocal flows over a well-produced and dynamic instrumental. The intricate layers of sound create a warm and endearing listen, showcasing the band’s refined songwriting skills. The emotional depth and sonic texture of the track highlight Lives Like Skyscrapers as one of the more captivating new names in the indie music scene.

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