Lisa Humber releases her latest single “Devil’s Advocate” on all streaming platforms. Lisa had been working in the industry for years as a stage manager for two decades, until certain shifts during the pandemic finally urged her to pursue her own music career in 2022. So far, the results show that the move was definitely worthwhile.

Devil’s Advocate is a catchy, highly-addictive alt-pop tune about real and very relatable events in a relationship. It is an introspection and realization that things aren’t going well and it’s turning into a vicious cycle that has to end. Lisa admits she was the Devil’s Advocate for ignoring red flags and warning signs, but now she’s able to admit that and face the truth, thus ending the relationship for good. The brightness of the melodies make it very easy to sing along, yet there’s a hint of devilish passion in there. Ending relationships is no easy feat, but the decisiveness in her demeanor as well as the admission of being complicit proves that it was a healthy choice and an example worth noting.

Lisa Humber’s journey into music is still an ongoing story. The courage they exhibited in pursuing a music career mirrors the same assertiveness they’ve displayed in this song about finding a newfound empowerment. She and her team should be proud of their work and we’re excited to catch more of them in the future.

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