Lethia’s Natorium is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Pena Hughes-John. Influenced by the likes of Souxie and The Banshees, Tori Amos, Bjork and The Smiths among others, Pena has a bold approach to songwriting and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her single Is It a Crime To Be Me? Is a rebellious anthem for freedom and individuality. It’s a cry against society and the tyrannical employers who want to suppress our creativity and freedoms in order to conform to an unending rat race. It also depicts the plight of the musician, reflecting how difficult it is to make money through the art we are passionate for.

Still the battle continues amidst the struggle, and it is heard clearly through Lethias Natorium’s blend of rebellious blend of punk and rock n’ roll. Pena manages to channel her unique voice and her frustrations in this project, hiring other like-minded session musicians and producers to her cause. 

This wasn’t the case at first however, as Pena once shrouded her efforts in her previous project ‘The Angry Ukulele Lady’, opting to keep herself hidden behind the curtain due to uncertainty. Thankfully, after receiving some positive nods, Pena decided to emerge as Lethia’s Natorium after deciding it was worth it after all.

So the story continues for Lethia’s Natorium, now realizing that it isn’t a crime to be herself after all. Bold and courageous rock n’ roll is much needed these days, and this emerging artist absolutely fits the bill.

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