Legna Hernandez is a social media star with an impressive 17 million followers on Tiktok and 5 million on Instagram. Last year, she decided to pursue a music career to express her love for pop-punk. Inspired by the likes of Paramore, Avril Lavigne and Hasley among others. She is now blessed to be able to create music in the same vein as those artists, who  also influenced her fashion and sense of style. 

Her latest single, Tiana, is made in collaboration with American artist Love Ghost. This song is a blend of pop-punk and hyper-pop, with a grandiose production sound accompanied by frenetic rock and infectious melodies. Tiana starts off with bright electronic beats and glitchy effects fluttering overhead. A wall of guitar riffs arrive at the chorus and blend seamlessly with the synths. Where Tiana channels her inner Paramore and Avril, Love Ghost channels from Blink 182 in the second verse, encompassing the rich world of punk-pop. 

While Tiana is lyrically inspired by a relationship and how hearing certain songs can remind you of those times, Hernandez dedicates the music video to promote pet adoption. Her dog, which was rescued at a foundation and was waiting for two years before finding a new home is heavily featured in the video. Tiana is not only Hernandez’ heartfelt contribution to the music she loves, but also a message for a worthy cause. Follow her on her socials and on all streaming platforms.

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