Lars Lervik welcomes the change of seasons with their latest single Spring Relief. Lervik’s expressiveness and drive for experimentation shines through in this latest track. With a mix of jazz improvisation, creative harmonies and a wide array of sounds and textures, Lervik comes out of hibernation and fills the world with growth and color. Warm weather has come, and a newfound relief and freedom comes over Oslo. Lervik was inspired to write this after many months of cold and darkness, expressing how it feels to be able to go outside again. Winters in Norway can be long and brutal but the wait is now over, it’s time for us to celebrate spring relief.

Lervik’s discography consists of psychedelic krautrock and ambient meditations. With a strong focus on short narratives patiently developed into a complete song, Lars creates poetry and art with his rich electronic palette. This signature style is something he has been working on consistently for 17 years. With forays into soundart, improvisation, rock, and electronic music, listeners can expect to find a vividly diverse world that has its own language and distinct style. 

Celebrate the coming of spring with Lars Lervik through this brilliant new track. Spring Relief is a breath of fresh air translated into sound. Mother Earth’s blessing in sonic form.

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