Evenings are a naturally spooky time, teetering on the edge of night where you might fall into the trap of darkness or emerge unscathed. However, there are some evenings when we crave both outcomes; evenings when we want to embrace the darkness. “Some Evening” by Kwolek masterfully captures this dichotomy, blending a gothic undertone seamlessly with rock elements.

The song consumes us from the start, building up a haunting, gothic atmosphere before suddenly shifting into a rhythm centered around the feeling of escape. It’s an immersive experience, encapsulating the struggle against formidable obstacles. It feels like a journey of fleeing from clinging memories, illustrating that there is no true escape from such emotions unless one learns to tame and accept the darkness within.

“Some Evening” is a quintessential gothic rock song, characterized by its electrifying guitar riffs and a compelling narrative of building up to a grand escape. The song never relinquishes its grip, refusing to allow any moment of boredom. It pulls you in with open arms, only to bash you with an electric guitar beat right in your face, maintaining a relentless energy throughout. Kwolek’s own words about the song offer further insight into its intent and impact. He states, “‘Some Evenings’ is out wherever you stream grungy get-downs and woozy two-steppers. When your job is a bore and you need something more, ‘Some Evenings’ gives you what you need.” 

“Some Evening” is not just a song; it’s an experience, a battle cry against the monotony and constraints of daily life. The song’s relentless energy and emotional depth make it a standout track that captures the listener’s attention from start to finish.

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