Reading through the title of Kwolek’s latest single, I can’t help but feel intrigued and begging to know more. Ronnie Stole This Riff / Kim is Desperate immediately conjures an image and leaves listeners asking who these people are and what they are up to. We knew from past reviews that Kwolek has a great knack for story-focused songwriting, which he expertly wraps with his unique style of production. And in this we see a further honing of his craft and style. 

Buzzing synths wash out the track like a faded memory. Kwolek’s vocals have an 80’s vintage vibe, carrying the narrative with a playful and poetic style. The premise is that Ronnie stole a riff from his collection of mix tapes and is using it to make more. His girlfriend Kim is desperate to look for a song that may save her life. The two get together, and without spoiling anything, they end up dancing the night away. 

Ronnie Stole This Riff / Kim is Desperate is ultimately a celebration of the songwriting craft and the joy of sharing it with others. Kwolek’s personal style and love of story-focused song is truly paying off to give him a distinctive edge on a sea of generic music. We can’t wait to flip the next page in this music anthology.

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