“Hyacinth” is the latest single from the Florida-based five-piece Kreajours. The song jumps at you from the get go and never wavers in its pace. The band’s unique blend of electronic synths and gritty rock makes for a futuristic psychosis-filled experience. Ghostly vocals hover over the mix while razor-edged riffs relentlessly screech through the track with the attitude of a revved-up engine. Kreajours is composed of Campfire, London Boy, Seany Soundscapes, Parentheses and their new addition Z. With names that came straight out of a Cyberpunk heist, their sound is sure to put you on an immersive trip in a ruthless digital world.

Going consistently on theme, Hyacinth talks about a femme fatale who doesn’t seem to care for our narrator, yet they are extremely enamored by her presence. “She’s an animal / She doesn’t know about me / And can’t relate / The walls are closing in / I’m wondering why”. The passage repeats in the 7 min runtime, putting into perspective our hopeless romantic’s relentless pursuit–not heeding the warning signs that flash into view as he keeps on the move.  

Kreajours has had a prolific release schedule in the last year of 2023, with a full album and several singles out. They seem to keep up on pace with ‘Hyacinth’ being their second single this year after ‘False Promises’. Check out this exhilarating rock group on their website: https://www.kreajours.com/

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