Straight to the point yet packs quite the punch. All For You is the latest single from artist Kiksio. The Austrian-born singer-songwriter has been writing songs from a young age and together with his frequent collaborator Skili, they have crafted this marvelous pop-rock break-up song. The two are also members of rock outfit Burning Water, and here they showcase the chemistry that they’ve developed organically for a long time. 

Lyrically, All For You is a song that unearths the pent up feelings from a torn down relationship. Our narrator is feeling remorse for investing a lot of their emotions on someone who doesn’t necessarily deserve or appreciate it. Kiksio wraps it up in a catchy pop rock package with a little bit of funk and a lot of angst and tension. Skili chimes in with the keys and the bass, completing the two-punch combination that makes this song so potent. 

Kiksio may still be in his early twenties but already he has a long list of great material under his belt. All For You is only one of many for this young artist who already exudes maturity and depth at his craft. It is a tightly crafted offering that fits well in any pop or rock playlist. Available on digital streaming platforms now. 

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