Kelsey Montanez is set to release her first single of the year in Infinite Bloom. Kelsey’s music is highly addictive. She has soulful vocals that can easily go gentle as an airy whisper or as strong as a power rock balladeer. Infinite Bloom shows her versatility with its various shifting elements and styles. The song starts with a passionate slow melody, but then breaks into urgency as the riffs and drums come pummeling in. Kelsey sings about looking for her muse so she can shine and bloom once more. Her voice tinged with a desperation and plea that can squeeze the listener’s hearts. From the overall quality of this new single, suffice it to say that she has found it and is now as strong as ever. 

Montanez found some success in the music industry during her younger years, but she was forced to take a hiatus after seeing the harsh realities of the music business. We’ve heard a lot of similar stories from other musicians before, and many have burned out from it and lost their inspiration. One might infer that this single was written to allude to that experience. In any case, Kelsey’s performance and the song’s impact feels stronger after having known the challenges she went through, only to come stronger at the end. Kelsey Montanez Blooms infinitely in this her new song, and she has nowhere to go but up.

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