Washington, DC based artist and mixing engineer Keegan del Rio delivers yet another outstanding psych rock tune with his latest single, “Dwelling”. Recorded and mixed by del Rio himself, and mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman, this song is described as a ‘neo-psych-indie tapestry’ that takes us on the volatile journey of moving on. With the addition of fuzzy guitars, electronic elements that are oh-so psychedelic, and a special element that will amaze you once you realize, “Dwelling” is a track that’ll be stuck in your head for days and leave you wanting more.

Starting off with some vibrant keys and beats to set the mood, the song’s psychedelic soundscape is introduced with the entrance of its other instruments, as well as del Rio’s dreamy, spacey vocals that give off the vibe that you would expect and more from a song from this genre. The background guitar riffs are fuzzy, adding to the psychedelic of the song. And it gets in your head even more with its double drum sets that you won’t notice in your first listen, but once you discover it, you can really see how it ties the song together perfectly and becomes its instrumental’s heart and soul.

“Dwelling” feels like a surreal experience mixed with its grounded and very relatable subject matter, and Keegan del Rio’s mastery of his sound and genre really shines through on this one. You can listen to “Dwelling” on all streaming platforms now.

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