The opening bars of There Is Always a Dawn have an immediate effect of wonder and anticipation. Judas Goat & The Bellwether’s latest single has that folk-rock allure that makes you want to drop everything to sit down and listen. The genius of these Somerset musicians is how they turn Biblical canon and mix it with   modern allegory in a way that’s instantly familiar. They depict the industrial complex as Satan’s chimneys in his fiery hell, bent on turning people into modern slaves. The line: “The devil corrupts with his thick black oil” poses a stark image that reminds us of how many are being oppressed. People are forced to work for evil entities while being devalued as individuals, all while destroying the environment at the same time. In the chorus, Judas Goat & The Bellwether invites us to rise up against the devil’s might and abolish Satan’s chimneys to seek a new dawn.

With dense verses and great guitarwork, Judas Goat & The Bellwether manages to convey their message seamlessly. Their use of vivid imagery and their tight grip on the folk-rock tradition is top notch. Their message is quite deep but it’s immediately accessible, something not many can achieve with this much grace and ease. Rise up and give this single a listen, and be reminded that after the darkest hour, there is always a dawn.

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