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In commemoration of Alien day and the 45th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic, Jason Lyles releases a new single about his favorite movie–its sequel Aliens. Entitled Salvage, this space-rock tribute is based on the opening scene of the movie, with Jason cheekily referencing the first line of said scene. He sings from the point of view of the salvage crew that found Ripley’s shuttle, who’s exasperated sigh stands out after realizing that their supposedly big score was actually a rescue mission. 

The line is so iconic because of how it cuts the tension of the scene into a quip. It was also Cameron’s way of signaling that the movie’s tone is different this time, shifting to a thrilling action-adventure from the first movie’s horror. Jason Lyles captures the charm of this tone by personifying the sentiment of the salvage crew. His knack for storytelling shines through and his musicality is as sharp as ever, drawing from Bowie and Radiohead to fill his soundscape with imaginative harmonies. The song is filled with cosmic wonder, embodying the epic journey through the stars and the adventure that’s about to come.

Salvage showcases Jason Lyles’ creativity and expertise in both songwriting and storytelling. Salvage is not only a wonderful tribute but also serves as a great invitation to re-watch the sci-fi franchise it’s inspired by.

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