Jason Lyles expresses his loss and confronts mortality with his new single Deflated. The song is from the perspective of someone on the brink of death and coming into terms with it. It was written on a sad day, right when Jason witnessed their pet going through a slow decline. This alt-rock track is an eye-opening journey through realization, catharsis and ultimately the acceptance of something every one of us will eventually go through.  

Deflated is characterized by flashing lights and bright riffs. Jason’s high tenor combined with the heavy guitars evokes the atmosphere of otherworldliness–as if the listener is being brought to confront their cosmic destiny. Lyles’ signature use of soaring notes and boundless grunge-like guitars lead to an all-encompassing feeling. Deflated is a reflection of mortality that doesn’t linger in the dark much, instead it looks forward through its lush harmonies and sweltering keys. Like a rocket ship guiding our souls in a cosmic journey.

Jason Lyles is an artist from Chattanoga, TN with a unique and distinctive voice. He has a rock palette inspired by the roaring anthems of the 90’s. Deflated is their second single, which also releases alongside its stop motion art video in collaboration with Alex Birghenthal of Fox and Fish Printing. Catch it now on all streaming platforms.

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