Sometimes, growing comes with missing who you once were, and Connecticut-born artist Jake Kulak knows this all too well with his single titled “The End”. It explores themes of nostalgia and growing pains, and just trying to adapt into the real world. Kulak’s signature guitar-driven sound is prominent throughout the song, and we’re all here for it. The instrumental is energetic, and the lyrics are nothing short of catchy.

The song’s musical arrangement is dynamic and unique, while still maintaining its indie rock and pop inspirations. It features upbeat drums, and an infectious bass line behind it all, with the two being the track’s strong backbone. But we simply can’t forget to commend Kulak’s guitar playing that is just a treat to hear and is definitely the protagonist of the instrumental. The artist’s vocals are clear, crisp, and every single lyric is raw and honest. It offsets the energetic musicality with a tinge of melancholy layered between its lines, displaying the complexities of the world and how our place within it is always changing. Human connection is difficult to successfully pull off, with making conversation starting to “feel like a chore.” The chorus benefits well from Kulak’s pop songwriting inspiration, with its catchiness and overall addictiveness.

Discovering yourself and who you are might be a difficult process, but don’t worry, your story as a person is far from “The End”.  Listen to it now on all streaming platforms and have a blast, because we surely are.

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