I don’t know how much 90’s nostalgia JJ Chamberlain intended to infuse in his latest song Eyeballs, but listening to it has seriously taken me back in time. This song has some great melodies, with guitar parts that can transport the listener to the better days of youth where everything felt carefree. The chorus is catchy and the instrumentation is dynamic, with plenty of fresh elements at the smaller scale that all combine to a familiar sound. Chamberlain has incorporated elements of New Wave, Grudge, Power Pop and even rock n’ roll in this masterpiece. It’s the kind of blend that will appeal to any fan of rock, but most especially to kids who grew up in the 90’s and aughts.

Eyeballs is the first single in JJ Chamberlain’s debut album which is still in the mix. All parts recorded by himself except for the drums, which was provided by Takashi Takamura from Atlanta-based outfit Mammabear. Chamberlain also works as lead songwriter and singer for the band Box Time, which illustrates how busy he is in his craft.

Lyrically, the song is a parallel between an eye infection and how challenging it is to see eye-to-eye with your loved ones sometimes. This delicate balance is how JJ Chamberlain manages to create a fresh new take on a well-loved genre. Eyeballs took me back to my youth, hopefully it will help you fondly remember yours.

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